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Hero Custom Buddies

Wooden Steampunk Robot Desk Buddy

Wooden Steampunk Robot Desk Buddy

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Bring a little piece of the steampunk world into your daily routine and let this delightful robot watch over your workspace with its timeless charm.
These charming little robots are handmade with a wooden body, screws, bolts, washers and steampunk charms.
Size approx: 2.5 inches - 3.5 inches tall / 2 -2.25 inches wide
Ideal for steampunk enthusiasts, tech lovers, or anyone who appreciates unique handcrafted items, this desk buddy serves as both a conversation starter and a charming decorative piece. Whether you're looking to inspire creativity, add a bit of whimsy, or enjoy the blend of wood and metal craftsmanship, our Wooden and Metal Steampunk Robot Desk Buddy is the perfect addition to your collection
PLEASE NOTE: These are not toys, so they should be kept out of reach of young children as they have small metal parts.

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