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Custom Viking Bead Lanyard or Keychain

Custom Viking Bead Lanyard or Keychain

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Custom design your own Viking Bead Lanyard or Keychain

Searching for a unique and thoughtful gift for a friend, family member, or colleague? Viking Bead Lanyards / Keychains make for an excellent choice.

Choose your own bead from: Tall Thor, Small Thor, Odin, Viking Warrior, Bearded Viking Skull, Wolf Head and Bear Head.

Choose your own main paracord colour from 30 solid and patterned colours.

Choose your own stitched cord colour from 7 colours.

Lengths: Keychains are approx 6-7 inches. Lanyards are approx 8 inches (Loop is 2.5 inches)

Made with US 550 paracord and polyester cord with a metal bead.

Bead sizes: 

Tall Thor: height 2.5cm / width 1.5cm

Small Thor: height 2cm / width 1.25cm

Odin: height 1.7cm / width 1.2cm

Viking Warrior: height 3cm / width 2cm

Bearded Viking Skull: height 2.5cm / width 1.5cm

Wolf Head: height 1.5cm / width 1.6cm / depth 2.5cm

Bear Head: height 1.5cm / width 1.5cm

Our lanyards and keychains come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your personal taste and existing wardrobe. Whether you prefer a darker, more mysterious look or a bright, bold statement piece, we have the perfect Viking Bead Lanyard or Keychain for you.

Handmade keyring made with genuine U.S. 550 Paracord accompanied by a metal bead head.

Handmade and created in the UK.

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