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Autism Awareness Paracord Keychain

Autism Awareness Paracord Keychain

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Autism Awareness Paracord Keychain, Bag Charm, Keyring, Zipper Pull, Gift

Choose from:

Paraflat Paracord Keychain - Approx 2.5 inches ( 5 inches with loop)

Paracord Person Keychain - Approx 3 inches

Emperor Paracord Keychain - Approx 1.5 inches ( 4 inches with loop)

Infinity Loop Keychain - Approx 3.5 inches

Made with 550 US genuine paracord with blue, red, yellow and green colours

Ideal for adorning your backpack or protecting your keys, helping you with your zips as a zipper pull or just being charming as a bag charm and make wonderful gifts too.

There are many uses for this keyring, it's entirely up to you to let your imagination run wild and decide for yourself.

Handmade and created in the UK.

One supplied.

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