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Hero Custom Buddies

Paramedic Paracord Buddy Keychain

Paramedic Paracord Buddy Keychain

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Paramedic Paracord Buddy Keychain

To say Thank You to and celebrate the work our amazing Emergency Services do, I have created a set of Real Life Heroes Buddies. These make great gifts for the heroes in your life.

From Paramedics, Firefighters, Police and Armed Forces, these make great gifts for the heroes you know.

Paracord keychain, keychain, zipper pull, bag charm

Approx 3 inches

Handmade keychain made with genuine U.S. 550 Paracord accompanied by cute/cool Building Block based pieces

Ideal for adorning your backpack or protecting your keys, helping you with your zips as a zipper pull or just being charming as a bag charm.

There are many uses for this keychain, it's entirely up to you to let your imagination run wild and decide for yourself.

Handmade and created in the UK.

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