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Paracord Keychain Cobra Knot with Herringbone stitch

Paracord Keychain Cobra Knot with Herringbone stitch

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Cobra Knot Paracord Keychain with Herringbone stitching detail for House Keys, Multi Tool, Torch, Bags, Tents, Swiss Army Knife

Paracord Keychain Duo Coloured Cobra Knot with Herringbone stitch.

Select your main colour and secondary/ stitched colour from the drop down lists, there are 40 main colours to choose from and 10 stitched colours.

These Paracord Lanyard Keychains are approx 4 inches in length.

Choose from 40 colours to suit your keys, clothing, bag or tent etc

Made with genuine US 550 Paracord, boasts a breaking strain of 550lbs and polyester cord for the stitched detail. Stitching will be applied to one side of the keychain.
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