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Grumpy Pickle Keychain

Grumpy Pickle Keychain

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Pick Your Pickle

Not So Positive Pickle Polymer Clay Keychain:

Meet the Not So Positive Pickle, a quirky and comically grumpy addition to your keychain collection! Handcrafted from high-quality polymer clay, this keychain features a sour-faced pickle that's sure to bring a smile (or a smirk) to your face.
Size: Pickle is approx 3 inches long ( 5 inches inc keychain)

With its exaggerated frown, furrowed brows, and comically disgruntled expression, this pickle keychain is perfect for those who appreciate a bit of humor and irony. The vibrant green color and detailed textures give it a realistic, yet whimsical appearance.

Compact and lightweight, the Not So Positive Pickle is easy to carry around, making it a fun and functional accessory for your keys, backpack, or purse. The sturdy metal keyring ensures your grumpy pickle stays securely attached wherever you go.

Whether you're gifting it to a friend who loves unique and humorous items or keeping it for yourself as a daily dose of comic relief, this Not So Positive Pickle Polymer Clay Keychain is sure to be a conversation starter and a delightful addition to any collection.

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