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Grenade Olive Green Paracord Buddy

Grenade Olive Green Paracord Buddy

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Olive Green Grenade shaped keychain.

Made with genuine 550 US paracord.

Size Approx: 3 inches.

When unravelled, length is 8 feet of paracord, with a multitude of uses including:

Thread for sewing (inner stands)

Can be used to fish with

Use it to replace a pull cord for broken appliances (lawn mower, boat engine)

Emergency Tourniquet

To assist in lowering heavy equipment

Stitches for open wounds

Use it as guy lines to string up a tent

Suspend clothes off the ground as a clothing line

Use it to anchor a boat to land

Create a fishing net using inner strands

Hair tie or headband

Use it as a sling for a broken arm

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